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Miscellaneous Hacks Archive  
  • Y2K Solutions
  • Another Y2K Solution

  • GnuPG lib hack - A pgp-lib5.pl library to do gpg.

  • SMTPMAIL_LIB.PL Hack - For mails being sent via a separate smtp server by .
  • Net Paging Module - A pure perl, global numeric and alphanumeric paging interfacevia the Internet.

  • Module Checker - sent in this script to check what perl modules are installed at the host and if it is possible to read every one.

  • Environment Checker - A little script which echoes your web server's environment as an HTML table.

  • CWD: Where Does the Server Think it is? - here is a little script to help you figure out where a web server which has undergone a change root operation thinks it is.

  • URL Grabber - Use this script to grab any web page (or ftp document) off the net and incorporate it into your own CGI script.

  • Directory Tree Parser - Have you ever wanted to perform some action on all the files in a certain directory and each of the files in the subdirectories of that directory? Here is the script for you. And here is another version to compare against.
  • Super Quick Fix for Virtual Hosts - A fix for the http-lib.pl.