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UAZone - Leveraging Technology  
"It's been a long time since we started using applications from eXtropia.com here at UA Zone. And during all this time we have found this resource to be extremely valuable for our business.

Both, starting novices and experienced professionals will find something of value. At the beginning you may use just one of their ready-to-go applications... Well thought out interfaces and superb documentation makes it easy to install them. In particular, the fact that the HTML generating code is separated in special configuration files makes it simple to adapt the script's appearance to your company's template.

This is exactly how we started - by adapting several applications, including the Mailing List Manager and the Database Management tool for our web site.

Even when we came out with our own proprietary programs, the eXtropia.com code was very helpful as a source of libraries as well as for their source of inspiration.

For example, currently all our web-centric internal site administration is entirely based on eXtropia's user authentication libraries

Summarizing this all, I recommend eXtropia.com as your first stop on the Internet when you are looking for some open source code to spice up your web site."

UA Zone Group International.