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EarthStations: Making the Most of the eXtropia Support License  
"I wanted to drop a post thanking eXtropia and it's skilled staff at making my web_store dreams a reality.

If it were not for the support I found at eXtropia, completing web_store to the extent I wanted would have taken one of two things, lots of patience, or LOTS OF MONEY.

You guys have a customer for life and I will strongly promote your wares, not only to personal aquaintances but also I would like to make a promotional page at earthstations.com which sounds the trumpets for eXtropia.com.

I have been working with e-commerce for 3 years now, and eXtropia has exceeded my expectations. And you know something, eXtropia outshines several other PERL orientated support and development companies I have tried working with (I won't mention any names).

eXtropia picked up where others left off, they take the ball all the way to the end of the field, not just part way. So if your reading this post as a paying support individual at eXtropia.com, have no fear, eXtropia is here."

CEO, EarthStations