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Star Tribune: Evolving the Scripts  
sent in the following letter from the Star Tribune....

I want to show you this application that combines the calendar and db_manager scripts. I did this for the Star Tribune's (Minneapolis newspaper) intranet.

It allows the admin to add a class to the database (including an entry for the number of weeks it will run - and populate the database). Each class can also have a sign-up option with a max. number of participants. End-users can then find a class either with the calendar or search option and sign-up.

The admin then has the option of pulling reports on class participants, including sending an email reminder (this was an added feature by another db_manager user). Since the server they had was slow, I had the admin generate a static html calendar page whenever there were updates. You can find this one at:

http://www.easy- access.com/demos/

The above URL was something that I put together for the International Interactive Multimedia Society that I belong to for a demonstration about 2 years. ago.