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our clients
NTX: Reseller Successes  
sent us the following email about how both NTX and the whole of the web application development community have benefited from the eXtropia site:

[Check out NTX] "Since 1996, I've found that the eXtropia applications were the first available and most "reliable" on the Internet. As Sales Director for the NTX program, I have recommended that all web developers in our program become familiar with the eXtropia site (NTX has been one of the countries largest web developers networking and hosting reseller programs since 1996).

The eXtropia site is the easiest way for a budding web developer to learn their trade. The shopping cart script for example has been the mainstay of the web developer world, for which most shopping carts were evolved from. The shopping cart script has been and will continue to be in my experience, the first available script on the Internet that successful web developers learn and personally profit from.

eXtropia has been and will likely continue to be the largest contributor to the Internet web development community on this Planet. Without the eXtropia site, I strongly believe that the philosophies we cherish today as developers on the Internet would be vastly different had the site not existed. Open code licensing and focus on well commented code are one of the two major contributions to the Internet I associate as deriving from the eXtropia site."