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The Long Tall Clothing Company  
The Long Tall Clothing Company is an Australian company that sells clothing for tall women from a shop in Melbourne, Australia. They had set up a web site in 1997 to display their products, and this generated thousands of requests for their catalogue but only 2 orders. They found that most of the interest came from the USA, but it seemed no one would post or fax an order. says that feedback from American ladies who came into their shop was "I can't understand why [The Long Tall Clothing Co] you don't have lots of orders from the US, as your prices are cheaper and the quality of your garments is higher".

So they decided to setup an on-line store, using SSL from the client to our server, and PGP mail from our SSL server to our office PC.

They chose Selena Sol & Gunther Birznieks's script because, "it worked as soon as it was uploaded. I don't know much (if anything) about Perl scripts, but I knew what I wanted the scripts to do. When I started modifying things, everything would work..."

Since implementing the web store a few months ago they have had enough orders to more than cover all their ISP costs, with business growing daily. "While internet sales still account for less than 5% of mail-order business", they exclaim, "[they] expect this to increase quite a lot with repeat customers and better quality pictures of [their] garments."