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NASA: Scalable and Dependable Code  
"We have been using the calendar since 1996 for day in and day out scheduling of conference rooms for meetings for a project of about 130 people. It has worked flawlessly.

Since it is web based everyone can easily see the schedule without special software. The calendar was modified to divide the display of scheduled meetings by room/building.

Another use of calendar software is for scheduling training classes and vacation. These calendars use separate databases but the same calendar code. There are a few tweaks in the code for these calendars.

Another calendar instance is for scheduling all of the equipment and sites for the Hubble ground system test program. This schedule is used to coordinate all testing of the HST software systems and is used day in and day out by about 300 people.

Everyone has been pleased with the functionality of the calendar and no changes have been made in about a year.

Thanks for the original work that you offered to the world."

CCS System Architect
Hubble Space Telescope Control Center at Goddard Space Flight Center