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General Motors: Keeping Down Costs Without Skimping  
wrote in with the following note about the Guestbook Program at the WorldWide Facilities Group of the Delphi Division of General Motors Intranet.

"Working with the Guestbook program has been great. I use it to get feedback from the employees on the GM intranet. I have all kinds of questions coming in and am able to update information so much faster and keep records up to date so much easier.

[Check out GM] For example, I have a phone book database on the site and by using the Guestbook as a feedback method, I have been able to help Detroit keep information up-to-date.

CGI has also kept the cost of development down. Thank you!

Also the way you set up your instructions on installing is the best I have ever seen. I have tried other scripts but have not had the success that I have had with yours.

PS: We use the Calendar program too and love it!"