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Frank's Supply Company: Going to the Best  
sent us a letter describing how he came to be both a client of eXtropia.com and a member of the eXtropia.com Developers Network...

[Frank's Supply] "As MIS (mostly insomniac serf) of an 18M+ corporation I knew we needed to be "on the web". After an exhausting search for guru's and razzle-dazzle companies, I came to the conclusion that there were basically two type of programming providers. The terribly inexperienced and the terribly expensive. So, like any able-bodied manager, I decided to do it myself.

Big mistake.

I bought all the books, stayed up night-after-night and learned. Mostly I learned that I was desperately lost. One despondent night I happened on the eXtropia home page. Low and behold, there was a ready-made CGI application that did exactly what I wanted....

To make a long story short, after four or five months...the store was "on the web". The whole process is a lot easier and a lot cleaner now. There is organized, professional help available to get your store installed and configured. The extropia.com Developers Network exists to "take the bumps out of the road".

Was it worth it? YOU BET. Frank's Supply Co. is on track to be in the 6 figures in web business this year.