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Dansville - Keeping the Community Connected  
I really like the Dansville Community Homepage. True, it is small and not all that fancy. But somehow it shows the web at its best, a tool for connecting people. A technology for helping people to enjoy their lives more thoroughly.

What is more, I like that the site has been able to use our applciations in the service it provides. Here is what had to say about the site...

"After several years, we are still using your great BBS program. It has been quite successful, with hundreds of messages posted so far. It is used on our community web site by historians looking for historical info, class reunion organizers, former residents posting open letters, a heated debate on the merits of our town, etc, etc.

We also JUST launched your Group Calendar. I'm hoping it will become a useful place for local events posted by our visitors. We will see.

You might enjoy hearing that your spirit of sharing the wealth was furthered when a 14 year old webmaster contacted me for help in installing the BBS on his Unofficial Amtrak Page. After much advice back and forth, he gave me the password so I could help "hands-on". His main problem was the ol' binary upload of ascii files.

Thank you tons for all your hard work on these great programs!

Tony Witte