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User Feedback

I just want to throw some positive feedback your way. Your site rocks. If we had more people like you putting sites like this on the web, we would have a lot of less confused people on our hands. Thank you.

Bradley Greenwood
Yahoo! Technical Support
Not an official statement of Yahoo! Inc.

Dear Sir/ Madam

Great , Great , Great ..... Simply superb. I don't have words to express the eXtropia package (everything). I downloaded your package and tried to configure on my company intranet website on Linux, and well, everybody is impressed. I am really greatful to you folks who have contributed towards the development of such a beautiful package and made it available free. Especially the "Conan Doyle" Troubleshooting Tutorial was really useful.

Keep up the good work. I'll help you in spreading the word. (That's all I can do, as I'm a big zero in CGI/PERL, still I could configure it properly). Now I'll go through the documentation and customize it.

Thanks a lot.

Mahesh Naik
Mumbnai, India.

I can't explain why, but visiting your site made me feel positive, hopeful, enlightened and inspired.

Jennifer Tully

I aim in awe of your services. I intend to list you in the MAD.DEN index under web/help.

Thankyou for restoring my faith in freedom of the net.

thankyou very much yours--Matt B


eXtropia: How do you like Todo List?

Yes, it works really great. It helps a us track our employee and volunteer task. Thank You so much. Many people try things on the web and then have all these technical complaints. Not us, you will not get a but from us.

We are a non profit Hispanic Organization in Baltimore, Education Based Latino Outreach, Inc. This month we will be putting out our Thank You of the Year Page, we will include your company.


I am new to Web Design and have just got use to using Dreamweaver. I have built my first rudimentary site. I must say that your site is fantastic. It has a clear, concise presentation without at all being condescending towards the reader. It manages to balance that 'I assume you know nothing' attitude with the offering of the technical lingo that needs to be understood to move a user from ignorance to knowledgeable.

I do not often take the trouble to use the 'contact us' link on a site. However, I was so impressed from what I managed to get from this site that I was compelled to congratulate you.

Thank you,

Chris Tipper

(An extremely satisfied UK user of the site).

[Referring to WebWare 2.1]

I have to say your new distribution is fast and reliable. I hope I see more amazing things from you guys at Extropia and that we at Jeremy Horland Studios continue to be among your circle of developers.

Jeremy Horland Studios

Just wanted to drop a small line of admiration for your approach in teaching Perl, CGI and web Development... I have found your articles easy to understand with down to earth terminology... I appreciate this because as you know it is extremely difficult to learn Web Design in 6 months with past technlogies and more being piled on top of it...

I am currently studying web design and have found your tutorials enlightening with little insights stuck in there on how the industry is and what you will face... well thanks again


I've just installed this script, but I haven't finished customizing it or adding products yet.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am by this. I first tried to use Commece.cgi, then Agora.cgi, but the documentation was nearly nonexistent and nearly drove me to a psychotic episode when I tried to customize the pages. I'm pretty much an amateur at this CGI stuff and need all the help I can get. Eventually, while searching their site in vain for some help, I noticed that both of their scripts were based on yours, so I gave it a look.

Your documentation is beyond complete, the program was simplicity to install, and I'm as happy as can be. Once I get it looking right, I'd be happy to let you include my site in your list of users.

Thank you!!

Jim MacQuarrie
The Harp and Thistle
Your Celtic Arts Resource

I've been a lurker on your site for a little more than 1 year now and have come to depend on your applications for practically all of my projects. From using the whole thing with just a customized look and feel to pulling out routines. I first became aware of you guys when I bought the book Instant Web Scripts. I loved it! One of...no no..."The" best book I ever bought on CGI scripts. Your philosophy of helping the ever-growing community of web developers (not to mention excellent code) appealed to my natural instinct of democracy, which pretty much made me a die-hard fan.

I feel very secure now knowing that you two will be able to devote your full attention to your scripts. I am looking forward to the enhancements you will be making and will continue to promote your site personally through word of mouth and on my site.

- Tom Pryor

...as I was saying, my desire was to create a web store. However, there was a major "glitch" in my plan: I knew absolutely NOTHING about HTML, CGI, MIDI, or AM/FM, for that matter. Although I'm a fairly quick learner, I had no idea where to begin.

Then I stumbled upon your site. It was wonderful! Your amazing scripts were accompanied with extensive/concise instructions for setting them up. Even a novice like myself had little trouble getting the scripts configured to my particular needs.

Not only have I managed to set up your Web_store program, I've also implemented your Guestbook, BBS, Mailing list, and have plans to configure your Multiple Choice program into a "Name that Tune" feature in my game room.

- Alan Kenmoen

I would like to thank both of you for your book and your website. One year ago I purchased your book Instant Web Scripts. I was a small time in home developer working on two shopping sites for a few hundred dollars. Knowing no CGI programming at all I took a jump into your book. Now one year latter, I have two offices and fifteen employees with an income jump from 20,000 a year to 250,000 in sales this year. I would have never gotten this far without your help and your book. Once again thank you from my employees and myself.

- Robert Sudduth Jr.

I have just started CGI programming, and wanted to say thanks. I recently downloaded your form_processor, un-tarred it, and with a little help from my ISP, had it up a running. Within a day, I was able to modify it so that my existing HTML based order form is PGP encrypted, email to me, an email receipt is sent to the buyer, and they end up on the download page, ready to download software. And I had never even SEEN any CGI programming until then.

- Bob Haley

...At this point I was in deep, my boss asking questions, the client wanting to know if we can pull off this application. I opened Netscape and visited your page to find Web Store 4.0. I read your notes and downloaded it, within 3 hours I had it working. My boss was happy, the client was very happy. I spent the next month customizing the program and will debut it next week.

- Scott

I just bought your book "Instant CGI Scripts". I have the llama book, the Teach Yourself Perl in 21 but yours is absolutely the best!! I can understand it easily. The way it's written is like you're having a conversation with me.

- Liz Evangelatos

I'm using your calendar with great success. I created 5 databases with each program having it's own calendar. I'll be linking them together later so that a main calendar can be printed also. Your work is documented so well, it is a joy to modify the calendar.

- Maggie Plasse

Just a note to thank you for your incredible gifts to the Internet community. Two years ago, I underwent a frightening career change at 40, leaving a position as President and minority owner of a community management company for the unknown. I've developed myself into a competent but still starving web site developer in an effort to work for myself from home. Your generous gift has enabled me to expand my talents and offerings in an area I'm weak (Perl/CGI), and therefore my business's marketability. There is at least some hope now I might not be on the street at the end of the year. THANK YOU! You are the Mother Teresa of the web as far as I'm concerned!

- Michael Vandor

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your having such an excellent site. I really think that your contribution to expansion of the common intellect and value of the www is awesome. The scripts you have are great; the comments that you have in the scripts are very helpful, and informative.

I am a computer science student, and I cannot communicate how much you have helped my understanding of cgi, and my appreciation for a smooth cgi script! I used some of your troubleshooting tips to debug a script, and I am elated at the end result.

- Ryan Roberts

Thank you once again for making these scripts available to us. Your book arrived today, and I must say I'm delighted! After spending almost two hours gleaning its pages, I realized this would become one of my most utilized web resources.

- Howe, M.

First off, I have to say that the scripts you offer up in your book, "INSTANT WEB PAGE SCRIPTS" is nothing short of fantastic! Using the info from chapter 17; The Shopping Cart, I have been able to put together a complete web site offering up Canadian Independent Music with CD and Cassette sales for a friend of mine who is absolutely ecstatic at the results! I haven't done much in the way of PERL but with some trial and error, was able to over-come the odds and to date have nothing but good to say about your efforts!

- Dave Gillen

...I just concluded a tour with the US Army in Sept 97 and now I am working at Booz-Allen & Hamilton in Vienna, Va. writing scripts for the web among other things. If it wasn't for the info you've graciously provided to the public I might have not landed this job and gained so much from an on-the-fly education in cgi scripting.

- Potts Douglas

I have been searching the web for a simple Grading program like yours. I have found several and they were either too complicated for me, the beginner, or required some special kind of Hyperscript??? I found yours and I installed it in minutes. When you write scripts, you make it very easy for people to learn how to analyze them. I had no trouble installing it and then testing it. I am glad there are people out there like you that remember not everyone is a programmer, and write scripts that aren't too complicated. I will forward the URL when I update the quiz with my own questions. It will be for students to learn English and prepare for the TOEFL test.

- Ryan McDonald

From where I sit, you rule in the Perl kingdom. Your scripts (WebStore, Database Manager) have been exceptional. They address nearly all issues that I faced when looking for a good (great) web application for a non-profit organization. In a matter of minutes I was able to get both applications running and in a few hours I was able to modify them to meet the needs of our organization. As a novice Perl programmer I was pleased to find the volume and depth of the comments and instructions.

- Andy Hatfield

I want to personally thank you for putting all these cgi-scripts on the web. I am working on a website for my dad's custom tailoring business in Hong Kong. Although I'm in US right now, I've been using the virtual web domain services in HK and uploading files to their NT server from my Mac at home/work. I'm sure thousands of Asians have already added your work to their sites, I just like you to know there will be one more. Your site is making a difference. And I'm glad to make my dad happy too.

- Shirley Chang