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Century 21: Driving Complex Sites  
The following message showed us how robust the database manager engine was. Though we originally thought of the application as managing limited data sets within a site, we have seen over the years that it is actually powerful enough to drive the total site content.

"I am a WebDeveloper/Programmer at a local ISP in Puerto Rico, and I have used your Database Manager program as the underlying engine in a project for one of our clients. The site is a record of listings for a Real Estate company with base offices all over the Caribbean. It lets their office managers add/modify/delete listings to the database so that potential clients can see basic housing information from their WebSite, as well as mantain relevant inside-office information like mortgage rates and real-owner contact info. I also included (by hacking the code) an option to upload a graphic image of the house and link it in the database to a particular entry.

The inclusion of your DB_Manager engine has proven to be a very wise decision, as it was easy to setup and customize, and our client is very impressed and happy with the final product.

Due to our client's security interest, I am not able to give you access so you can see the manager's side, but I have provided a link to the "netizen" side to view the property listings:


And click on the "Property Search" link (lower right corner).

Also, I setup a "HELP SITE" for our client so they can familiarize with the usage of the DB_Manager. If you visit it, you can see screenshots of your script and all its glory in action :)


Thank you very much for providing quality scripts for the Internet community. And your particular style of well-commenting almost every single line of code was invaluable to the customization of the script and our final product, which we (I) feel very proud of :)"

DZ-Jay - WebDev/Programmer
Caribbean Internet Services, Co.
Puerto Rico.