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Bell Atlantic: The Paperless Office  
"I work for Bell Atlantic. I am a DBA/Webmaster. I recently installed WebCal on our Intranet, specifically on a web server that is used by my district (43 people). Our district web is mainly used as a vehicle to share/publish information that everyone in the district or under our VP may need to have quick access to.

I am using the WebCal to keep track of vacation days and meetings for my group of 7 people. My boss has always kept a calendar in his office for this. Webcal will replace it. One nice thing about an online calendar is that if you want to schedule a meeting or take a day off and you want everyone to know about it just login and enter it into Webcal and there you go. No need to call the boss or walk into his office to jot it down on the calendar.

The installation was pretty straight forward and trouble free. I believe that is is advertised as NT compatible. This is true only after changing any path information that had forward slashes to double backslashes and chomp of course.