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welcome to eXtropia

What you'll find here...
eXtropia is an open source resource for web application development. Contained within this site are free software applications (Perl and Java), free software application development tools (Perl and Java), free tutorials, and other related resources.

Note that this is not a commercial site. Other than being fairly old, the code and work here is no longer supported.

However, while not everything here is cutting edge, polished, bug-free, or 'ready-to-run', everything here should be interesting and educational for all users (even the more out of date sections), even today.

We also hope that the technology found here will be easy to use and useful to web development professionals either as examples of how to solve different types of problems, or as the foundations upon which to build final projects.

What happened to the Selena Sol's Script Archive?
In 1997, the Selena Sol Script Archive was renamed eXtropia. The name change was meant to reflect the fact that the technology on the site had gone way beyond any one programmer and had evolved into, and had been developed by, a global open source community.

What happened to eXtropia, the company?
In 1999, eXtropia was incorporated in Singapore in order to provide international banks with proprietary enterprise banking software based upon the free open source application development tools within this website.

After a few successful years of operation, in 2002, the company and all of its proprietary IP was sold to a much larger, listed software company. However, this new company was not interested in contributing to the open source technology and so the original eXtropia website was resurrected.